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Baringa Staff List

Nominated Supervisor

Betty Lam


Title Two

Betty Lam | Centre Director

[email protected]

PJ Aguilar | Executive Officer

[email protected]

Carley Adams | Acting Assistant Centre Director & Early Childhood Teacher

[email protected]

Ariel Ayres| Administration Assistant

[email protected]

Rachael Stephenson | Administration Assistant

[email protected]

Contact Us | [email protected]

Responsible Persons

Title Two

Betty Lam

Carley Adams

Carmen Ulrick

Mikala Rubino

Lauren Edwards

Nebiat Perry

Melita Borg

Vicki Joyce


Babies | birth - 2 years

Mikala Rubino (Team Leader)

Nicole Klomp

Bethel Samuel

Madison Dimsey

Luke Skinner

Chelsea Sellars


Babies | birth - 2 years

Carmen Ulrick (Acting Team Leader)

Wendy Perry

Ana Purswani

Susan Rule


Toddlers | 2 years

Lauren Edwards (Team Leader)

Caitlin Harris

Rebecca Johnson

Lisa Sanz

Maijke Capper


Toddlers | 2 years - 3 years

Nebiat Perry (Acting Team Leader)

Anne Leuii

Suman Kaur

Liam Lagana


Preschool | 3 years - 5 years

Melita Borg (Team Leader)

Vicki Joyce (Team Leader)

Jillian Austin

James McDermott

Emily Hall

Emma Moude

Room Support

Chelsea Maher

Luke Skinner

Rachael Mohe

Emma Maude

Emily Hall

Eleni Mylonas

Eliza Sheehan

Christina Drew

Siham Benabdallah

Misty Herrmann

Belinda Anderson

Christina Spanos 

Shane Swanston

Ariel Ayres

Llewis Sheehan

Shannon Jackson

Madison Powderly

Grace Gersekowksi

Callum McDermott

Carly Rixon



Penny Anderson

Kitchen Assistant

Linda Hall

Educator Resources

Phone: 6264 0200

information about child protection

This DHCS publication is a guide to reporting child abuse and neglect in the ACT and is essential reading for people who work with children and young people. This guide has been updated to reflect new 2008 legislation that will assist you to identify and respond to abuse and neglect of children and young people in the ACT.

Phone: 13 11 26

  • Needle & Syringe Disposal in Canberra - SHARPS

Phone: 13 22 81

Phone: (02) 6287 8100

Procedures for Educators